Status of iDCT in i810 for G965 & X3000

sean seandarcy2 at
Sun Jan 14 08:44:00 PST 2007

Keith Packard wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 17:10 -0500, sean wrote:
>> As I understand, the i810 driver allows XvMC to use motion 
>> compensation. Intel says the X3000 video chip on G965 also 
>> does iDCT and de-interlacing in hardware. ( Sadly, it does 
>> not support H.264).
> The 965 media support is pure software, so it should be able to manage
> H.264 (not that I've looked into this at all, but, I *think* it should
> work).

  sure seems to say that motion compensation and iDCT are in 

>> Does the i810 driver support iDCT on the G965? In process? 
>> Planned? Not a chance?
> We haven't published the hardware docs for other people to do the work,
> so right now it's on our internal list of projects to get worked on this
> year.
>> I'm trying to decide between G965 and nvidia ( which does 
>> support iDCT) for a box that plays OTA 1080i HDTV. I'd much 
>> prefer to use OSS, but...
> 1080i should work fine without hardware iDCT with any kind of reasonable
> processor, so the lack of GPU-assist here shouldn't keep you from using
> the box.

Yeah, but when the $ come in I want to use my new HDDVD 
player at 1080p :)

  If you're planning on driving component video on the 
output, be
> aware that we also haven't gotten SDVO TV out cards working quite yet,
> but that's a far easier proposition than the iDCT work...

That's another problem. I can't find an SVDO card ( ADD2 is 
the same thing? ) that supports component-out OR HDMI. There 
are some DVI cards ( e.g. HP), but none support 1080i ( i.e. 
1920 x 1080). They all seem geared for computer monitor 

It's disappointing that Intel has designed and promotes this 
chip set for a media box ( and by the specs it  should be 
great), but there's no way to actually use it.


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