Status of iDCT in i810 for G965 & X3000

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Sun Jan 14 20:15:27 PST 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 11:44 -0500, sean wrote:

> Wow. 
>   sure seems to say that motion compensation and iDCT are in 
> hardware.

It's not done by the CPU, it's in the GPU, so to some extent, that does
represent 'hardware', but much of the work is done by Gen4 instructions
running in the GPU, so I think of it as 'software'. Building a graphics
system that couldn't do H.264 wouldn't make much sense...

> Yeah, but when the $ come in I want to use my new HDDVD 
> player at 1080p :)

Sure, we all do.

> That's another problem. I can't find an SVDO card ( ADD2 is 
> the same thing? )

Yes, these are the same

>  that supports component-out OR HDMI. 

Yeah, I've found the capabilities in the SDVO chips to far exceed what
you can buy in a packaged board. I don't know what can be done about
this. I haven't even found a dual-link DVI card.

> There 
> are some DVI cards ( e.g. HP), but none support 1080i ( i.e. 
> 1920 x 1080). They all seem geared for computer monitor 
> displays.

The DVI cards will do 1920x1080p quite nicely, with reduced blanking,
that should be within the DVI spec.

> It's disappointing that Intel has designed and promotes this 
> chip set for a media box ( and by the specs it  should be 
> great), but there's no way to actually use it.

Yeah, the external card builders are lagging what the chip can do. I
hope this gets fixed soon.

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