How to change '75x75 dots per inch'

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Wed Jan 3 19:05:01 PST 2007

Hi Nicolas,

* Nicolas Mailhot (2007-01-04 00:01 +0100) said:
> Le mercredi 03 janvier 2007 à 22:26 +0000, Leo a écrit :
>> * C. G. (2007-01-03 17:45 +0000) said:
>>   ^^^^^
>> >
>> >
>> Thank you, I used to set DisplaySize in xorg.conf to get a correct
>> DPI and it did work.
>> But this seems like a common issue, is it possible to make the
>> autodetecting choose a correct DPI?
> The fedoraforum trick is actually a good advice only if you bought a
> low-pixel-density screen. MS has been considering for years standard
> screen to be 100dpi, lowered to 96 to take into account cheaters. If
> you have a normal-to-good screen with resolution greater or equal to
> this baseline, you absolutely do not want to cape it artificially at
> 96 (you can easily verify most big manufacturer screens have a
> size/resolution ratio that results in 96 ~ 100+ dpi densities)

I don't know those numbers. It is a LCD screen on DELL 700m laptop.

> Now lately lots of people bought enormous LCDs without realising
>they got swindled with pixel densities not even equal to this minimum
>(100dpi − cheater margin). Which works for gaming and video, but is
>insufficient for correct text rendering (when you force 96dpi you
>artificially increase font size to compensate this lack of density,
>so you're workarounding bad hardware)

If it is hardware's fault, I will try the workaround ;)

I have another machine running Fedora 6 with a CRT screen and I am
still getting a 75x75 DPI.

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