How to change '75x75 dots per inch'

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Le mercredi 03 janvier 2007 à 22:26 +0000, Leo a écrit :
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> Thank you, I used to set DisplaySize in xorg.conf to get a correct
> DPI and it did work.
> But this seems like a common issue, is it possible to make the
> autodetecting choose a correct DPI?

The fedoraforum trick is actually a good advice only if you bought a
low-pixel-density screen. MS has been considering for years standard
screen to be 100dpi, lowered to 96 to take into account cheaters. If you
have a normal-to-good screen with resolution greater or equal to this
baseline, you absolutely do not want to cape it artificially at 96 (you
can easily verify most big manufacturer screens have a size/resolution
ratio that results in 96 ~ 100+ dpi densities)

Now lately lots of people bought enormous LCDs without realising they
got swindled with pixel densities not even equal to this minimum (100dpi
− cheater margin). Which works for gaming and video, but is insufficient
for correct text rendering (when you force 96dpi you artificially
increase font size to compensate this lack of density, so you're
workarounding bad hardware)

Nicolas Mailhot
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