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Many projects start mailing lists, a site, and never get any code
written.  The first step in any project is to write code: maybe you just
get the framework done, or maybe you get a complete product.  Either
way, you need to get enough done to make sure the project can survive
_without_ lists or a site.  When it's at that stage, you can start
thinking about publicity to help it to grow, but not before.

As for who you talk to ... that's yourself.  No-one else is going to
lead your project for you (this isn't aimed at you specifically, it's a
general truth).  You have to step up and run it.



thanks, i believe that...

however, i propose more than one project and my main drive force here is OpenGL, so if this project turns out to be good, even if only as a vessel for OpenGL demos and games, then im happy with that - and that what it already is...  / if just to bring OpenGL closer to people, closer to Linux, just to provide INSTANT-EXPRESS, setup free, EVERYWHERE working OpenGL development environment, im happy with that too - and that what it already is...  / and if all this happen to work on some emebedded device too, id say, thats quite a bit of gravy on top!

after 8 years working with OpenGL i still find it hard to setup compiler, headers and libs to produce OpenGL code, not to mention additional trouble of setting up the drivers and then wondering who can actually run this... BUT not only with Linux, its hard to do it in Windows as well..

i say, people(including 'little' people) should be able to learn and use OpenGL without the need to learn any of the specifics of any OS or go into trouble to configure anything.. as a consequence you will have kids, like this 12yr old next to me, able to *play* with OpenGL without even having any previous knowledge of C or any programming at all.. he grasped the concept of for/next loop and now he can make quads move around screen and change colors while offsetting the vertices a bit so it looks, kind of, like wobbly/stretchy effect with windows in Compiz

i find OpenGL demos everywhere, you can make games with it - you can make *anything* with it, in graphical terms of course... i believe, if people are given opportunity to make a -windowing-system-like-thing- they would make it,  just because its EASY and FUN to make *graphic applications* in OpenGL and id be making it as well, for the same reasons..

if i manage to port some 3D animation/modeling tools, which should not be hard, and i already have md2 modeler/animation thing without full GUI tho..and other game-making tools... would it be too hard to turn the whole system into some kind of Linux-based platform-independant "Game-Maker toolkit" with everything there needed to learn how, but also to actually produce the game where premade lay-outs for some game models would just make it *too easy* for anyone to do so...  / with right drivers then you would have the SAME game working on any PC and even other platform arhitechtures without ever needing any OS be installed on the computer because simply to whole thing could run of CD or USB, maybe even on Dreamcast, Playstation, Xbox.. where all you need is OpenGL driver for that platform, but nice low-level, not window based driver (same goes here for DOS/MS Win)

universal gaming and game development sytem, OS and architecture independent, are we only a *drivers away* to have that possible, what do you think? after all, all we need is low-level OpenGL drivers, but how can you unify graphic drives for all that hardware and kernels? 

well, maybe like this
even i understand some of it, but not enough... can someone tell if that makes any sense?

i'd very much appreciate any comment about this paper, 
because this apperantly already works, quite nicely, for DOS/Win, Linux/Xorg and other NON-PC platforms?!

i also believe that gamers, me included, are biggest single reason for poor OpenGL drivers on Linux, i say bring OpenGL developers to Linux -> gamers will come to Linux -> drivers will come to Linux


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