Dell Latitiude C800 - problems with LCD

Sam ss99hi at
Thu Apr 19 07:16:16 PDT 2007

Once again thanks that did the trick.

I feel like an idiot, because once I read this, I remembered I had set those
values in an old config once upon a time...

For the record I used:

HorizSync    31 - 81
VertRefresh  58 - 76

I can even get 1600x1200.

As for 24 bpp, that doesn't quite work.  I get thin wiggly horiz. lines on the
right hand side of the screen.  I'm not too concerned about it though.  Now I
can go download some fonts, get KDE going and start using the machine.  :-)

Thanks again,

--- Alex Deucher <alexdeucher at> wrote:

> On 4/17/07, Sam <ss99hi at> wrote:
> > Well I'm back.
> >
> > Last time I had problems with the CRT but the lcd worked fine.   Well after
> > great help from this list I have the CRT working fine but the LCD is giving
> me
> > grief.
> >
> > The problem is X starts, but only in 800x600 and even then there's a
> squiggly
> > vertical line in the middle of the screen.  The log appears to show all the
> > modules loaded ok.  But for some reason, all the decent modelines get
> dropped.
> >
> Try adding hsync and vrefresh lines to your monitor section.  Seems
> the driver is using the defaults for mode validation.  I though the
> r128 driver used to auto-inject the panel mode, but I could be wrong
> and it doesn't seem to at least for you.
> >
> > The video card is an ATI Rage 128 Mobility M4.  I let X do the
> configuration
> > and then added two options:  AGPMode 4 and set the default depth to 16 (I
> > *know* 24 doesn't work from previous experience. :)
> >
> Depth 24 should work fine.
> Alex
> > Thanks,
> > Sam
> >

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