Dell Latitiude C800 - problems with LCD

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Wed Apr 18 14:59:08 PDT 2007

On 4/17/07, Sam <ss99hi at> wrote:
> Well I'm back.
> Last time I had problems with the CRT but the lcd worked fine.   Well after
> great help from this list I have the CRT working fine but the LCD is giving me
> grief.
> The problem is X starts, but only in 800x600 and even then there's a squiggly
> vertical line in the middle of the screen.  The log appears to show all the
> modules loaded ok.  But for some reason, all the decent modelines get dropped.

Try adding hsync and vrefresh lines to your monitor section.  Seems
the driver is using the defaults for mode validation.  I though the
r128 driver used to auto-inject the panel mode, but I could be wrong
and it doesn't seem to at least for you.

> The video card is an ATI Rage 128 Mobility M4.  I let X do the configuration
> and then added two options:  AGPMode 4 and set the default depth to 16 (I
> *know* 24 doesn't work from previous experience. :)

Depth 24 should work fine.


> Thanks,
> Sam

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