Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

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>"Please read spec OpenGL, OpenGL ES, EGL..."

i did try, im just stupid for it, reading about ES spec did not answer question about hardware dependancy, about availabilty and quality of drivers or do they exist at all, do i want to use them and why, whats the speed gain compared to OpenGL on same hardware... i dont think the specs can answer these questions, because, i believe, that heavily depends on particular implementation of it for particular hardware, in other words its about drivers.. again

EGL spec.. yes, that would help, where is it?

why do i feel im not welcome here? 
do you suggest that my questions are not appropriate here? 
i maybe have failed to read some 'rules', please advise?

>"..also look at all previous attempts to get rid off X, i am confident we can say they all failed."

im sorry, you dont seem to understand, its about *embedded* window system, there is no embedded X, even less OpenGL based one, so its clear - i want to produce, not replace or 'get rid off'

i dont mean to distract busy people doing more important, real work,
im only asking for DIRECTION, you dont have to give me a ride, or go into trouble to answer my questions.

how do i:
- talk to this Linux community?
- find if im not trying to do what already has been done?
- gather people to work on a project?
- find about project and join/help some project?

in short, where do i find about - "..sharing data is a first step towards community"?
IBM Linux ad:

if not here, thats ok, just tell me where then, please?

and just a note on - "find if im not trying to do what already has been done?"

beside all my questions, 
i did come here with information that no one else seem to knew about, simply, i wanted to "share the data"

now, if you would rather people use EGL that has ".. been in limbo for a while" 
use miniglx which ".. is a hack.  It filled a specific need when it was created.."

than ok, but if you dont want to re-write what has already been written(possibly better) than im happy i could have helped by making it EASY for others to SEE, experiment and then decide if its worth using or not

i can not SEE how EGL, miniglx, fbdev/dri works, it has not been made easy, and therefore i've come here to ask for help, which i, kind of regret, as people are so keen to jump and say how my project sucks and is not "real work"

if someone did this 3 years ago, EVERYTHING could have been different, maybe quite a bit actually, just how many people "wasted" their time to "come up" with something that was long ago written and was only a mouse click away? i've learned this lesson long time ago - 1st find whats best on the net, then try to do it better, otherwise you would likely be wasting your time..

Linux based OpenGL development system without X


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  On 4/18/07, ZeAtShuttle <zelco at> wrote:
  > ZeAtShuttle wrote:
  > > -or maybe this "OpenGL ES" GPUs are 'too small' for that or maybe they
  > > only come integrated with other hardware in those mini-devices? is
  > > OpenGL ES exclusively for other(smaller) hardware, not PC?
  > I've came across this related to the AMD/ATI fglrx 8.36.5 driver:
  > I'm quoting:
  > "In this driver are two new files: /esut.a/ and / These are
  > new X.Org modules for the fglrx driver and specifically involve
  > TexturedVideo and OpenGL ES"
  > might be worth looking
  > -Ioannis
  > _______________________________________________
  > thanks, thats interesting.. it confuses more, as i was moment ago sure that
  > it has to be something about hardware architecture.. but apperantly its not
  > i wonder now what kind of stuff OpenGL ES is supposed to be used for? if ES
  > is just a smaller/faster version of OpenGL, than i want it, even if its only
  > a subset of OpenGL ... is therea way then to run ES apps from console in
  > full-screen, without X?
  > actually i know a little bit, as i understand ES doesnt have glBegin and
  > glEnd calls, so i believe its definitively something about more speed

  Please read spec OpenGL, OpenGL ES, EGL and all gl related spec are
  freely available, and i am sure you can google description of it. As many
  other already stated what you want to achieve is requiring a really big
  chunk of new code and i don't think anyone here got time to devote to
  such project, moreover if such project ever end up in somethings
  working this won't be before months, years of hard work. I don't think
  this is the way to follow right now. If we ever want to get hardware out
  of X handling we have to reach such aim by little improvement, even
  if taking off hw management from X might be somethings good, i
  don't believe throwing away the X protocol & X server is really a good
  solution, maybe you should look a bit more into this, also look at
  all previous attempts to get rid off X, i am confident we can say they all

  For OpenGL ES compatible hw i would say that all not so old GL pc graphics
  card are able to handle all ES specs, in fact most of them are able to
  handle a lot more than ES (as OpenGL ES is a subset of OpenGL), to my
  knowledge you won't find any free driver that give you ES, only free driver
  capable of taking advantage of 3d hw i am aware off are DRI driver.

  Jerome Glisse

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