Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

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Wed Apr 18 15:34:32 PDT 2007

On 4/18/07, ZeAtShuttle <zelco at> wrote:
> ZeAtShuttle wrote:
> > -or maybe this "OpenGL ES" GPUs are 'too small' for that or maybe they
> > only come integrated with other hardware in those mini-devices? is
> > OpenGL ES exclusively for other(smaller) hardware, not PC?
> I've came across this related to the AMD/ATI fglrx 8.36.5 driver:
> I'm quoting:
> "In this driver are two new files: /esut.a/ and / These are
> new X.Org modules for the fglrx driver and specifically involve
> TexturedVideo and OpenGL ES"
> might be worth looking
> -Ioannis
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> thanks, thats interesting.. it confuses more, as i was moment ago sure that
> it has to be something about hardware architecture.. but apperantly its not
> i wonder now what kind of stuff OpenGL ES is supposed to be used for? if ES
> is just a smaller/faster version of OpenGL, than i want it, even if its only
> a subset of OpenGL ... is therea way then to run ES apps from console in
> full-screen, without X?
> actually i know a little bit, as i understand ES doesnt have glBegin and
> glEnd calls, so i believe its definitively something about more speed

Please read spec OpenGL, OpenGL ES, EGL and all gl related spec are
freely available, and i am sure you can google description of it. As many
other already stated what you want to achieve is requiring a really big
chunk of new code and i don't think anyone here got time to devote to
such project, moreover if such project ever end up in somethings
working this won't be before months, years of hard work. I don't think
this is the way to follow right now. If we ever want to get hardware out
of X handling we have to reach such aim by little improvement, even
if taking off hw management from X might be somethings good, i
don't believe throwing away the X protocol & X server is really a good
solution, maybe you should look a bit more into this, also look at
all previous attempts to get rid off X, i am confident we can say they all

For OpenGL ES compatible hw i would say that all not so old GL pc graphics
card are able to handle all ES specs, in fact most of them are able to
handle a lot more than ES (as OpenGL ES is a subset of OpenGL), to my
knowledge you won't find any free driver that give you ES, only free driver
capable of taking advantage of 3d hw i am aware off are DRI driver.

Jerome Glisse

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