Mini-Compiz on Miniature Linux/OpenGL (embedded 3D windowsystem)

Dave Airlie airlied at
Tue Apr 17 23:25:56 PDT 2007

> im not sure what you looking for, but i know this - you download source,
> unpack, type 'make' or whatever and it compiles into some binary files, one
> of which ogl driver, say 'ogl-driver.drv' its 800kb and its all you need to
> run OpenGL app, i mean you can delete the whole file system, just leave the
> driver and app will run!
> do you maybe ask if there is possibility that "card driver", as you call it,
> might be some binary file hiden somewhere in the source and merged to driver
> file at compile time?
> i have no idea, i wouldnt think so, i dont know what card info would they
> have to hide, they pretty much worked things out from the Mesa and what
> specs nVidia/ATI provided to accelerate it...
> maybe there isnt any 3D hardware acceleration, i just dont know, but hell,
> looking at the FPS it darn good software one at least, who knows? they
> mention HW acceleration quite a lot on their web-site, as i understand it
> works great for DOS, even DirectX, and what i read there, the stuff on Linux
> should be accelerated to some degree, ive tested it on 5 different cards
> nVidia/ATI, where some older cards work better than some brand new and with
> glgears i get from 120 - 450 FPS, i would have been happy with 30

Okay it is software rendered, 120-450 fps can be achived running gears
in sw rendering...
Just look at some of the number on the glxgears is not
a benchmark website..

Try doing some texturing, glxgears isn't a benchmark for many reasons..


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