Mini-Compiz on Miniature Linux/OpenGL (embedded 3D windowsystem)

ZeAtShuttle zelco at
Wed Apr 18 01:19:23 PDT 2007

i should be more direct..
i want this to happen - "Mini-Compiz on Miniature Linux/OpenGL "

for the sake of *embedded Linux* and for the sake of *really, really small desktop systems* that can boot in few seconds and present you with just enough graphical interface (3D or not) that lets you 'choose' the app that you really wanna use...

the questions are:

- do i join some existing project that can lead to that and help out, 

if thats EGL or other "lower-level" im afraid i cant help, i dont have experience in implementing OpenGL, just using it... i tried dri/mesa/miniglx, for 3 months i was compiling... at the end i never knew if i was compiling the 'right' source code in a 'right way' with 'righ compiler' libs, configs..etc.. its just hard, for me anyway (especially if it can be simple as - unpack & make)


-does someone join me and we make it with scitech as it is, so if/when acceleration comes, its just a gravy on top 


-do i make it myself? ..and stuff it up m..

hell, it can not be worse than Vista, accelerated or not !!

im actually surprised i cant find other projects that try to do 3D windows for embedded devices, especially with that OpenGL ES, Khronos group and hand-helds being powerful enough for OpenGL and 3D

how good are OpenGL ES drivers, are there any at all? who writes them, for what hardware?

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