Mini-Compiz on Miniature Linux/OpenGL (embedded 3D window system)

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Tue Apr 17 21:17:30 PDT 2007

ZeAtShuttle wrote:
> hi,
>  > I can pretty much assume Scitech is *SOFTWARE* OpenGL, this is no use
>  > as you've found so you've got something small but quite useless for
>  > actual real work, so you really haven't got something at all...
> huh.. thanks? dont know what to say..
> why do you jump to assumption just to say that something sucks?
> have a look at this:
> Uses SNAP graphics technology from SciTech Software 
> <> instead of X11.
> # Graphics throughput is 17% faster than Microsoft Windows 
> <> and /at least/ 25% 
> faster than X11 <>.
> # Fast booting - between 5 and 10 seconds on modern hardware.
> ...
> hows that for "quite useless for actual real work",  what say you?
> i thought effort in that direction would be welcome and that there are 
> some alternatives, but miniglx seem to be abandoned in favor of EGL and 
> EGL doesnt really exist, or what Brian would say -
> ".. been in limbo for a while"
> or
> "Mini GLX is a hack.  It filled a specific need when it was created but
> I'm not sure it's an appropriate base for large projects."
> and i just hoped that EGL effort has moved to yet some other project, so 
> my main question really boils down to:
> is there anything better than scitech at this moment?
> or
> is there an -active- project with a goal of making windowing system with 
> OpenGL as primary graphic API - X built with OpenGL not requirement for it?
> i have searched for previous mention of it, and all i figure out is that 
> it miniglx/EGX -> xgl/xegl were supposed to be "base" for it, but has 
> everyone abandoned these projects?
> would it not be easier to 'convert' X to OpenGL if it was not 
> requirement to use OpenGL?
> would it not be easier to make OpenGL drivers if they were not "bundled" 
> with X, for Open Source as well as for ATI/nVidia?
> SciTech did it quite nicely, and I believe they do have solution to 
> "device driver crisis", just like they did once before with VESA..

They talk about LPGL there, but when i downloaded a few files from

the LICENSE.FAQ contains GPL and explicit denial of LGPL.

> btw, i couldnt care less for scitech except that im thankful they did 
> OpenGL thing and released it GPL, but did i mention  that these are not 
> just graphic OpenGL-MGL drivers, its a 'technology' - SNAP.. complete 
> i/o, interrupt and other device drivers, ALL you need to build complete 
> OS or app like X.. its really compact, it works and its all 
> Plug'n'Play... (OpenGL driver is single file, 800kb)
> how many companies are doing/have done this much for the Open software 
> and improving/unifying graphic standrds, how come no one is using 
> scitech now, why no one even wants to consider to have a look at it?

I downloaded a few files from

but it seems they don't release any source for the card drivers.

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