Intel GMA 950 driving 1920x1080 over DVI?

Daniel Waineo danwaineo at
Tue Apr 17 09:05:52 PDT 2007

Hi Jason,

I'm pretty sure it will work with the "modesetting" or
"intel" driver.  Newer distributions should include
it.  I have a intel DG965OT driving a 1280x720 LCD tv
and it's working great with both the vga port and the
DVI ADD2 card.  My resolution is fairly odd (for a
computer), so I think it will work for you too.  I
think those boards with DVI on the motherboard are
equivalent to an ADD2 card.

I'm just a user, not a developer.  YMMV.

-Dan Waineo
--- Jason Tackaberry <tack at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am in the process of building a new HTPC and I am
> very keenly eying
> motherboards offering Intel GMA as they seem to be
> the best state for
> OSS drivers. I am specifically looking at the MSI
> 945GT
> ( as it has both S-video
> and DVI ports
> integrated, which will ease my eventual transition
> to an HDTV (as I
> won't need to purchase a separate ADD2 card).
> The biggest unknown right now is whether or not the
> DVI port will drive
> a signal at 1920x1080. I'm getting very conflicting
> information about
> this on the web. There was previously a discussion
> on this list (at
> about this very question,
> but the discussion
> seemed to wander a bit, and didn't discuss whether
> or not DVI
> specifically could drive 1920x1080. Some specs I'm
> reading indicate VGA
> can do 1920x1200 but DVI only 1600x1200. Others
> imply differently.
> So I was hoping for a definitive answer here. Does
> anyone know for
> certain if the DVI port on the MSI 945GT will be
> able to output at
> 1920x1080? If not, would that also rule out the
> ability to output
> 1920x1080 using an HDMI ADD2 card? Does anyone have
> any other
> recommendations?
> Thanks much,
> Jason.
> P.S. My apologies if this post ends up being a dupe;
> I previously sent
> it from the wrong email account by accident, but the
> list moderator may
> yet approve it.
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