i810 driver scope

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Apr 16 03:19:20 PDT 2007

Daniel Krippner wrote:
> Hi list,
> First of all, thanks for the work on xorg and all that's build around
> it. I have a question concerning the intel drivers delivered with
> current xorg releases (maybe stupid, but it's a bit unclear to me at
> the moment no matter where I look): is the i810 driver containing the
> same code as the xf86-video-intel driver from the
> intellinuxgraphics.org page? Or will there be an 'intel'-driver for
> xorg distributed with the various distros, which is built from the
> intel code? Or has that already happended, in form of the i965 xorg
> driver that's supposed to be e.g. in Ubuntu Feisty (just read
> somewhere that that driver's supposed to be there, will look myself
> this afternoon)? And, as I understand it: currently, no driver has
> the 915resolution-modesetting stuff built-in, which means I have to
> use the extra package, and the option forceResolution in my
> xorg.conf, plus the /etc/default/ settings? But the 915resolution-fix
> would work with the intellinux intel driver, which I am currently
> using? Ok, that was five questions, but between all the intel-related
> drivers I came across since I build my new computer, I couldn't find
> a really definite statement saying what is what. Regards, and thanks
> for your time, Daniel

Basically, the i810 driver has been rename to the intel driver as the
name i810 is pretty confusing considering how many intel chips the
driver actually supports.

The intel driver version 0.2.0 indeed supports the modesetting code
meaning 915resolution is no longer needed *BUT* it is not yet finalised
and is currently in the Release Candidate stage.

I'm not sure if the Intel posse intends to release the intel driver
under the i810 name as with the last few releases (there have been two
near identical packages), but I'm guessing the 0.2.0 watershed is as
good a time as any to drop the i810 name.



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