i810 driver scope

Andrew McMillan andrew at mcmillan.net.nz
Mon Apr 16 03:24:32 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 11:25 +0200, Daniel Krippner wrote:
>     Hi list,
> First of all, thanks for the work on xorg and all that's build around
> it.
> I have a question concerning the intel drivers delivered with current
> xorg releases (maybe stupid, but it's a bit unclear to me at the
> moment no matter where I look): is the i810 driver containing the same
> code as the xf86-video-intel driver from the intellinuxgraphics.org
> page? Or will there be an 'intel'-driver for xorg distributed with the
> various distros, which is built from the intel code? Or has that
> already happended, in form of the i965 xorg driver that's supposed to
> be e.g. in Ubuntu Feisty (just read somewhere that that driver's
> supposed to be there, will look myself this afternoon)?

The -modesetting driver has been merged into the main line with the
-i810 driver and the resulting combination is now called the -intel
driver.  Which is the driver you can follow a link to from

Clearly, now that the -i810 driver was already covering 8xx and 9xx
chipsets, it has not been appropriately named for quite some time.

>  And, as I understand it: currently, no driver has the
> 915resolution-modesetting stuff built-in, which means I have to use
> the extra package, and the option forceResolution in my xorg.conf,

This should not be needed once the new branch is released.

>  plus the /etc/default/ settings? But the 915resolution-fix would work
> with the intellinux intel driver, which I am currently using?

I'm not sure which driver will be released with Feisty, but I think it
is unlikely that it will be the -intel one.  Probably it will be an
earlier -i810-modesetting one.  The -intel driver is nearly ready for
release, as far as I can see (I'm not a developer, just an avid
watcher :-)  - the most recent version was an "RC5" I think.

Debian experimental does have packages of these, which you would
probably be able to build on Feisty (I doubt if the binaries would work,
but maybe... :-).

Hope this helps clarify things for you,
						Andrew McMillan.

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