Input problem with kdrive/ Xvesa

Steve Kreyer steve.kreyer at
Sun Apr 15 10:00:05 PDT 2007


I have some problems using mouse/keyboard with Xvesa. I have
successfully installed the kdrive server for an embedded device. If I
start Xvesa I see the XServer Window with the mouse-cross in the middle,
but I can't move it with the mouse. Also the keyboard doesn't work.

If I start Xvesa without parameters I get no error messages, but in this
case it behaves like explained above. If I start Xvesa with the
following command:

Xvesa -3button -mouse /dev/mouse

the XServer start and behaves also like mentioned above and additionally
the following error message appears:

Couldn't find pointer driver /dev/mouse

/dev/mouse is a valid link to the input device /dev/input/mice.
My mouse is a usb mouse and I already tested it on the device with gpm
daemon, which works fine ...

Do you have any hints for me on this issue, or can tell me what this
error message means?


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