Input problem with kdrive/ Xvesa

Daniel Stone daniel at
Sun Apr 15 10:35:33 PDT 2007

On Sun, Apr 15, 2007 at 07:00:05PM +0200, Steve Kreyer wrote:
> I have some problems using mouse/keyboard with Xvesa. I have
> successfully installed the kdrive server for an embedded device. If I
> start Xvesa I see the XServer Window with the mouse-cross in the middle,
> but I can't move it with the mouse. Also the keyboard doesn't work.
> If I start Xvesa without parameters I get no error messages, but in this
> case it behaves like explained above. If I start Xvesa with the
> following command:
> Xvesa -3button -mouse /dev/mouse
> the XServer start and behaves also like mentioned above and additionally
> the following error message appears:
> Couldn't find pointer driver /dev/mouse
> /dev/mouse is a valid link to the input device /dev/input/mice.
> My mouse is a usb mouse and I already tested it on the device with gpm
> daemon, which works fine ...
> Do you have any hints for me on this issue, or can tell me what this
> error message means?

Try Xvesa -mouse ps2,/dev/mouse,3button.  I think.

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