[ANNOUNCE] A Build System For X.Org Modular

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 19:46:13 PDT 2007

On 4/8/07, billyx at gmx.at <billyx at gmx.at> wrote:
> > We try and
> > help as much as possible and I feel we do a pretty good job.
> Of course. Answering questions like what does "Not using
> default mode "1280x1024" (vrefresh out of range)" or "height
> too large for virtual size" mean is to difficult.

The answers to those seem pretty obvious to me, but perhaps I'm too
close to the hardware.  I guess I need to step back sometimes.  Still
if that was what you wanted to know ask directly.

> > Unfortunately, not all of us have every piece of hardware ever made
> Have had a look at my last mail (MacMini)? All bugs that
> prevent me from get it running are in xserver/hw/xfree86/mode
> or xserver/hw/xfree86/common
> > or feel like spelling out the process xyz for the tenth time because
> > some user doesn't want to exert any effort to try and figure it out
> > himself.
> I spent much time but if logging/documentation is so useless
> you can spend hundreds of hours.
> > I'm sorry you have to log
> > into edit the wiki or post the ML, but even with that in place we
> > still get spam.
> I was not talking about wiki (where login is imho unnecessary
> but acceptable). I was talking about the documentation of xorg.conf.
> > MOST projects have something
> > similar.
> I think Xorg is not some project of 1000. Most graphical ui
> at linux depend on Xorg/XFree86.

Right, pretty much all GUI stuff relies on Xorg, but there are
actually very few Xorg developers compared to other upstream users
like GNOME or KDE, etc.

> > Finally, if you do solve a tough
> > problem, add it to the wiki, or submit a patch, or at the  very least
> > send a email to the list saying "hey, I had this problem and this is
> > how I solved it."
> Of course I sent it to the mailing list, even without your
> suggestion would have done this. But I think this mail is
> also ignored like the others before.

I'm sorry you felt that way.  Like I said sometimes we can't always
respond immediately, or in my case, I've never really used the intel
driver (I don't have any intel video hardware), so I'm not as familiar
with the issues you might run into.


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