[ANNOUNCE] A Build System For X.Org Modular

Marek Wawrzyczny marekw1977 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Apr 8 07:39:16 PDT 2007

Hi Alex,

Perhaps you could take some comfort that for all the negative comments (and 
there were only a few), there's a much larger group of people happy and 
appreciative of all the work done by the X.Org developers and administrators.

Count me in as one :)


Marek Wawrzyczny

On Sat, 7 Apr 2007 07:07:00 Alex Deucher wrote:
> What is with all the attitude lately against Xorg?  It's a huge,
> understaffed project, and yet everyone seems happy to complain that
> it's hard/it's stupid/we're assholes unless someone holds their hand
> through every step.  Most of us are just volunteers that do this in
> our spare time.  We try and help as much as possible and I feel we do
> a pretty good job.  Unfortunately, not all of us have every piece of
> hardware ever made, or feel like spelling out the process xyz for the
> tenth time because some user doesn't want to exert any effort to try
> and figure it out himself.  It might even take a few days or a week to
> get back to you as other projects/work/life sometimes have to take
> precedence.  I'm sorry you have to log into edit the wiki or post the
> ML, but even with that in place we still get spam.  MOST projects have
> something similar.  I assure you there is no cabal to keep X a guarded
> secret; we'd like all the help we can get.  And before someone says
> the build process is the impediment to get people on board, look at
> how many more contributers and features have been added since the
> XFree86 days.  I guess some people figured it out.  People used the
> same argument back then as well (the monolith is too hard to build, I
> don't want to rebuild everything just to try the latest radeon driver,
> etc.).  If you don't like it, come up with a better way instead of
> acting like a jerk and bitching about the hard work of those that have
> contributed so far.  If you come up with a better approach we'll be
> happy to discuss it (and I mean an actual approach, not just hand
> waving and nostalgia).  Finally, if you do solve a tough problem, add
> it to the wiki, or submit a patch, or at the very least send a email
> to the list saying "hey, I had this problem and this is how I solved
> it."
> Alex
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