Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Tue Jul 11 20:51:53 PDT 2006

Carl Worth wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 21:07:26 +1000, Russell Shaw wrote:
>>I made an account on
>>Next time i tried to log in (a few hours later), it wouldn't
>>work, so i got it to send me the password. The password i got
>>was 30 characters of garbage. I pasted it in the password box
>>and now it says "This user name already belongs to somebody else".
> The wiki login form is notoriously confusing.
> It uses the same form for both account creation and for performing a
> login operation, and the distinction is made by whether you put in the
> password twice or just once.
> The symptom above may have been from inputting the password twice
> instead of once.
> Perhaps that will help,
> -Carl

A few hours later when i tried to log in with my new password, it said
the password was wrong, so i got it to post it to me. What i got was
completely different. Some corruption is happening. Because the account
is useless i'll show the entry details. Log into with name: RussellShaw
and password: {SHA}gUp2AjeMdfBiWeING25LER4FMa4=
It responds with: This user name already belongs to somebody else.

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