Egbert Eich eich at
Wed Jul 12 01:38:53 PDT 2006

Carl Worth writes:
 > On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 21:07:26 +1000, Russell Shaw wrote:
 > > I made an account on
 > > Next time i tried to log in (a few hours later), it wouldn't
 > > work, so i got it to send me the password. The password i got
 > > was 30 characters of garbage. I pasted it in the password box
 > > and now it says "This user name already belongs to somebody else".
 > The wiki login form is notoriously confusing.
 > It uses the same form for both account creation and for performing a
 > login operation, and the distinction is made by whether you put in the
 > password twice or just once.

This is no longer true. The moin wiki has a new mechanism for login which
differs from account creation. This new mechansim is reflected in a new
sceme which we haven't adopted in our freedesktop skin. This is why presently
a login isn't possible.
As workaround use:
 > The symptom above may have been from inputting the password twice
 > instead of once.

I've talked to one of the wiki maintianers on this.
He strongly recommends to update our wiki sceme. There
is no well defined procedure for this one would have to
compare our modified sceme to the one it's derived of and
incorporate the changes in the new sceme.
Also he recommends to update the wiki to version 1.5.4
which contains bug fixes.


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