Updated git_xorg script with new checks - Additional diff - Unreversed this time

Shawn Starr shawn.starr at rogers.com
Sun Aug 27 17:05:09 PDT 2006

On Sunday 27 August 2006 9:37 am, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
> Excellent stuff with these script improvements! I've only tested it a
> bit, but so far very good.

There's been more changes since hacking with some people on IRC.

> Btw, neither of the two patches apply cleanly to the git_xorg you
> sent. Attached is one that does (real trivial though).
> Maybe the `find ...` stanzas should have the -L option in case e.g
> /usr/local/include/GL is a symlink?

Sure, will fix.

> Also, if there's two mesa versions available, one in /usr and the
> other in /usr/local, the local one should probably take precedence.
I've commented out checking for Mesa and libdrm, as the script downloads them 
now anyway (you need Mesa HEAD and should have libdrm from CVS HEAD also).

We have two choices, download the newest version of libdrm and Mesa from CVS 
or check if the user's distribution has a recent enough version. Which is 
> I've attached another patch (git_xorg-findfile.diff) that checks in
> /usr/local before /usr and follows symlinks.

> The script will find both versions of osmesa.h, and the version string
> will be the two version strings appended in the order found, which
> almost works as intended :-)

> What do you think?

I'll apply those bits that don't affect libdrm and Mesa til we sort out what 
to do there.

> Unrelated question: how do you get a recent enough Mesa on debian
> unstable w/o compiling it yourself? Are packages for Mesa 6.5.x
> available somewhere? Ubuntu packages?

Well Debian Unstable has Mesa 6.5.x in experimental, Im not sure with Ubuntu I 
think you might be able to get a 6.5 package somewhere but it's not in 

> Cheers,
>  -Kacper


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