XGL and Java (or Swing in particular)

Marek Wawrzyczny marekw1977 at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 16 18:18:53 PDT 2006


I have been running X (KDE) with Xgl for some time now quite successfully. 
This is one of the last remaining problems. Perhaps someone knows more about 

I have a problem where certain Swing applications (stuff I work on and more 
importantly Netbeans) fail to update the contents of the screens, so you end 
up with blank windows.

I have scoured the web and have found a few reports of this problem. A few 
mention patches by Sun, but no further references can be found anywhere.

I currently run Netbeans using Xnest.

Does anyone know more about this issue?

Kind regards,

Marek Wawrzyczny

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