Xorg 7 + ATI + Xinerama

Michael Gebhart lists at miketech.net
Thu Aug 17 03:50:24 PDT 2006


thanks for your answer. 

> Make sure you have at least xf86-video-ati 6.5.8. 6.5.7 (which shipped
> with X.Org 7.0) had a couple of multihead regressions.

I've installed the 6.5.8 version now. What is about 6.6.0? I've found
this version too. Can I use it with X.Org 7.0 or do I need 7.1 for this

Well, I've installed 6.5.8 now, but my problem isn't solved yet. 

Here is my config:


And here is the log:


It is still the same problem: Both screens are blank. The secondary
monitor isn't detected, if I activate both. If I only activate one in
the config xorg founds both monitors.

Maybe version 6.6.0 can help? Or any other ideas?



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