Release process for Xorg 7.1

Egbert Eich eich at
Fri Apr 28 01:04:10 PDT 2006

Josh Triplett writes:
 > Egbert Eich wrote:
 > > Kevin E Martin writes:
 > For the documentation of the X protocol and protocol extensions, the XCB
 > project has an open TODO item to integrate documentation into our XML X
 > protocol descriptions (either within each file or as separate files with

 > cross-references between the two), and then generate the documentation
 > from the protocol descriptions.  This would ensure that the
 > documentation always agrees with the actual layout of requests,
 > responses, and structures; when writing many of those extension
 > descriptions in the first place, I discovered many cases where the
 > documentation did not agree with the code.

This is a forward pointing solution. It's even more than the 
doxygen approach.

 > Such a project, as well as the conversion of the various other
 > documents, might make a good summer of code project for someone inclined
 > towards documentation and/or XML.

I assume that this would involve converting the other protocols to
an XML description, too.
It's probably bigger than a 'summer of code' project. 

It would be a good idea to start with one piece that is currently
actively maintained (like XCB) do the conversion and set up the
tools and documentation that the group of people who are working on
this can easily be extended.
Some infrastrucutral work may be just as importand as performing the
actual conversion.

But yes, doing this as a summer of code project would be really


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