[PATCH] Evdev input on Xglx

Zephaniah E. Hull warp at aehallh.com
Fri Apr 14 19:02:36 PDT 2006

On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 11:17:02AM +0200, David Reveman wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 15:33 -0300, Tiago Vignatti wrote: 
> > This one adds the evdev input on Xglx. I don't know if it is a "feature
> > bloat", but it really helps to make nested multiseat systems with 3D and xv 
> > support.
> I think it's useful. However, I'd like to move the evdev input code into
> hw/xgl/xglinput.c so that both xglx and xegl can use it.

I'd really consider it a lot more useful to take a look and see what it
would take to shoehorn support for xf86-input-evdev into xgl, however I
have not really played with xgl enough to know how big of a job this
would really be.

(Obviously, without the hw/xfree86/common/XF86Input stuff it won't
exactly be trivial, however given that the whole of input handling is
going to get some changes, and that kdrive would like evdev support as
well, putting some extra effort into things sometime here would make

In that case, it would really be nice if we could figure out something
which won't break configs some more when things finally get shifted

Zephaniah E. Hull.

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This is *exactly* why I want my MCSE.  If nothing else, it's effective
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