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Donald Harter harterc1 at
Sat Apr 1 10:30:14 PST 2006

>>On 4/1/06, Donald Harter <harterc1 at> wrote:

>> I have been planning to upgrade my motherboard and looking at boards
>> using the below chipset.
>> It seems that Intel has provided drivers which are not proprietary yet
>> they are not included in the latest distributions.   There are
>> comments on the intel site saying that these are provided for developers
>> to include in their distributions.  So why isn't it included in the i810
>> driver?

The drivers on intel's web site are just snapshots of the drivers that
are already in Xorg cvs.


>>Some parts of Intel haven't quite figured out how open source software
is integrated into distributions. They're trying to make sure everything
you need is available, but the stuff you see on the Intel web site is
just a snapshot of what appears in CVS. 

In fact, the code is incorporated into CVS before the files are
placed on the Intel web site, so there's every reason to ignore the

-- keith.packard at

Before I posted, I had looked for support for i945 chipset in the
documentation for xfree86 and   The chipset was not listed as
being supported by the i810 driver.  Perhaps the documentation was not
updated.   I did a diff on the and intel versions of the same
release and found many differences.  I did a grep on the xfree86-4.5.0
source code and did not find some code that was in the intel site.
Here is just some of what is "missing":
grep -r 'i945' xfree86intel
xfree86intel/xc/lib/GL/mesa/drivers/dri/i915/i915_texstate.c:static void
i945LayoutTextureImages( i915ContextPtr i915,
i945LayoutTextureImages( i915, tObj );
xfree86intel/xc/extras/drm/shared/drm_pciids.txt:0x8086 0x2772 "Intel i945G"
xfree86intel/xc/extras/drm/suse93/drm_pciids.txt:0x8086 0x2772 "Intel i945G"
xfree86intel/xc/extras/drm/suse93/drm_pciids.txt:0x8086 0x27A2 "Intel
Maybe I need download a specific branch of the source code and that the
latest releases do not incorporate support for the i945 chipset?

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