keyboard module missing

Dave Airlie airlied at
Mon Apr 18 16:38:33 PDT 2005

> >
> I am not sure if I want to build a full Xorg. What I want is just to
> install Unichrome drivers in xorg and I don't know if that requires a
> whole new installation of xorg or if I can install over my existing
> version. Anyway, now when I did install over my existing xorg my modules
> were removed, as I said earlier. Can I do this and then replace the
> module-dir with my old one (the one I am using now), would this be OK if
> all I want is to install drivers to xorg?

Build the whole lot it is easier in the long run, with the change to
the loaders recently you end up with modules of both types and this
can cause issues.. your best bet is install distros latest Xorg
release, build new Xorg, mv /usr/X11R6/lib/modules out of the way and
make install the CVS one..


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