keyboard module missing

Christoffer Brodd-Reijer ephracis at
Mon Apr 18 16:16:19 PDT 2005

Felix Kühling wrote:

>Am Samstag, den 16.04.2005, 15:43 +0200 schrieb Christoffer
>>Michel Dänzer wrote:
>>>Maybe you overrode XF86CardDrivers in xc/config/cf/ ?
>>Hm, I followed the DRI guide for installing xorg over the existing 
>>version. That one told me to get and use the host.def located at 
>>, in that one I found this line:
>>/* DDX drivers to build: trim this list to your needs */
>>#define XF86CardDrivers via
>>The guide suggested that I should remove everything else but the one 
>>driver that I needed for my card. But this is only affecting video card 
>>drivers, right? Cause the new xorg did not have any drivers at all, for 
>>example it did not have my synaptics driver for my touchpad and no mouse 
>>drivers existed. Nothing.
>These instructions are for installing an server and a few
>libraries on top of an existing Xorg or Xfree86 installation. If you
>want to build and install a full Xorg, they are not suitable.
I am not sure if I want to build a full Xorg. What I want is just to 
install Unichrome drivers in xorg and I don't know if that requires a 
whole new installation of xorg or if I can install over my existing 
version. Anyway, now when I did install over my existing xorg my modules 
were removed, as I said earlier. Can I do this and then replace the 
module-dir with my old one (the one I am using now), would this be OK if 
all I want is to install drivers to xorg?

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