Major contribution to X.Org Foundation by Aptest and Open Group

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Mon Apr 18 10:19:26 PDT 2005

Leon Shiman wrote:
> The X.Org Foundation, global steward of the X Window System* and Standards,
> announced today that ApTest and Open Group have together donated their VSW5
> Test Suite to The X.Org Foundation, where it shall be released under
> their standard Open Source license as XTS 5.0.2. The X Window System is 
> released by the X.Org Foundation under the MIT ("X") License. The VSW5 Test 
> Suite is the industry best practice in testing the X Window System. 

This is great - just one question.   VSW5 5.1.5 is the current version from
the Open Group under the old license - is that the same version as in XTS
5.0.2 or how do these version numbers map?

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