Major contribution to X.Org Foundation by Aptest and Open Group

Stuart Anderson anderson at
Thu Apr 21 12:42:33 PDT 2005

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> Leon Shiman wrote:
>> The X.Org Foundation, global steward of the X Window System* and Standards,
>> announced today that ApTest and Open Group have together donated their VSW5
>> Test Suite to The X.Org Foundation, where it shall be released under
>> their standard Open Source license as XTS 5.0.2. The X Window System is 
>> released by the X.Org Foundation under the MIT ("X") License. The VSW5 Test 
>> Suite is the industry best practice in testing the X Window System. 
> This is great - just one question.   VSW5 5.1.5 is the current version from
> the Open Group under the old license - is that the same version as in XTS
> 5.0.2 or how do these version numbers map?

XTS 5.0.2 is taken from VSW 5.0.2. The changes for VSW 5.1.5 have just
gone into XTS, so the two versions should be in sync at this point.


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