Major contribution to X.Org Foundation by Aptest and Open Group

Leon Shiman leon at
Mon Apr 18 09:41:46 PDT 2005

			X Window System Test Suite 
	Contributed by ApTest and Open Group to The X.Org Foundation
		 Released under "X" Open Source License.


Brookline Massachusetts, 18 April 2005.

The X.Org Foundation, global steward of the X Window System* and Standards,
announced today that ApTest and Open Group have together donated their VSW5
Test Suite to The X.Org Foundation, where it shall be released under
their standard Open Source license as XTS 5.0.2. The X Window System is 
released by the X.Org Foundation under the MIT ("X") License. The VSW5 Test 
Suite is the industry best practice in testing the X Window System. 

All Official X.Org releases are free and available for download from and at mirror-sites world-wide.

"ApTest is excited by the opportunity X.Org offers the X community. We are 
pleased to contribute our technology and look forward to participating in 
ensuring the ongoing quality of X releases" said Shane McCarron, Managing 
Director of ApTest Minnesota

"The Open Group congratulates the X.Org Foundation on making the free 
availability of the X Window System Test Suite (VSW5) under an open source 
license possible and establishing a test working group"  said Andrew Josey, 
Director of Certification at The Open Group. "This initiative will further 
enhance the quality of the X Window System and we look forward to working 
with X.Org. As part of that cooperation we plan to contribute a number of 
patches to the code base.

To support the development of this critical and unique testing technology in 
tandem with the X Window System itself, the X.Org Foundation also announces 
the formation of a Testing Workgroup, to be lead by Stuart Anderson, for 
maintenance and extension of the test suites. Information about this 
workgroup can be found at Membership in all 
X.Org work groups is open and free.

About VSW5:

The VSW5 Test Suite is the latest in an evolutionary series of test
suites for the X Window System that began in the early 1990's. The VSW
Test Suite is built on the Open Group's Test Environment Toolkit (TET)
framework ( The VSW test suite is a part
of the branding program for both UNIX and Linux Standard Base (LSB) systems.

About ApTest:

Applied Testing and Technology has provided testing analysis, design,
development, and execution services to its clients since 1993. ApTest
specializes in outsourced product testing and the development of automated 
test suites, test tools, and test technology. We also develop and market the 
ApTest Manager test management system - a web-based product for managing QA 
testing across the enterprise. Further information on ApTest can be found at or from Andy Silverman at 408-399-1930. 

About the Open Group:

The Open Group is a specialist in the development and operation of 
certification programs for software specifications endorsed by industry 
standards bodies. The Open Group has a fifteen-year history of the 
provision of high quality test suites and certification related services to 
the software industry, and has been the active maintainer of VSW5 and X 
Window System certification for a number of years. Further information on 
The Open Group can be found at

About the X.Org Foundation:

X.Org Foundation L.L.C. is a Delaware company organized to operate as a
scientific charity under IRS code 501(c)(3), chartered to develop and
execute effective strategies that provide worldwide stewardship of the X
Window System technology and standards. The group is currently managed
by its Board of Directors that includes: Stuart Anderson (Free Standards
Group), Egbert Eich (Novell), Jim Gettys (HP), Stuart Kreitman (SUN
Microsystems), Kevin Martin (Red Hat), Jim McQuillan (Linux Terminal
Server Project), Keith Packard (HP), and Leon Shiman (Shiman Associates). 
The website for the X.Org Foundation can be found at


Please Contact Leon Shiman, Secretary, X.Org Foundation at leon at 
with any questions.

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