killer feature for XOrg.

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at
Sun Apr 17 16:11:10 PDT 2005

somekool at wrote:
> there is something I always wish xfree would do but never did, and I feel now
> with XOrg, its possible. I would like every X Client (window) to be
> detachable likes the command line utility screen and then I would like to be
> able to kill my X server, reattach the client whenever I want on whatever X
> server I want, even remote X.
> so we could have window manager offering to the user "Send this window to ..."
> and you could send a window to your friend running a X server too...
> in fact, it would detach the window and reattach it somewhere else.
> what do you guys think ?

You may want to wait for a public release of David Flynn's "xproxy"
which allows such stuff.
Otherwise you are bound to support for such a feature at the toolkit
level which may allow the transition of one application between



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