[Xorg] CVS HEAD -- ftfuncs.c:931: error: structure has no membernamed `find_sbit_image'

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at nrubsig.org
Thu Jul 29 21:04:23 PDT 2004

Eric Anholt wrote:
> > AFAIK not without causing trouble for CJKV users. Even Xfree86 has
> > updated it's FreeType2 copy in CVS to FreeType 2.1.8 to ensure the XTT
> > code works properly (using the new "public" API which was extra added
> > for that purpose) - and AFAIK that indicates the importance of the
> > issue...
> "_BREAK_" implied something besides "things slow down (a lot)," so I
> thought I had misunderstood.  "Things slow down (a lot) for some fonts
> when used as core fonts" is *far* better than "The build fails for
> almost all of our users."  Simply saying, "Use 2.1.8 if you want fast
> CJKV core fonts" seems pretty simple to me.

I consider the fonts stuff "broken" when I have to wait minutes instead
of a few secs to load a font. The original issue resulted in a very
unfortunate flame war and I really do _NOT_ want that debate again.
If you really want an Imake flag for that then please make it an
equivalent for linking the tree copy of libFreeType2 statically.
Otherwise a very ugly bug creps back into the tree which was thought to
be fixed for the next Xorg release after X11R6.7.0 ...



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