[Xorg] radeon mobility 9000 M9 + dvi out

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 06:03:23 PDT 2004

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 10:00:43 +0200, justus schwartz <justus at gmx.li> wrote:
> hi!
> i spend the last day trying to get the dvi connector of my radon working. the
> dvi out is on the port replicator for my ibm t40p notebook which has also an
> analog vga out.
> connecting the monitor to the analog vga works fine, but connecting to the dvi
> out doesn't work (i am trying with the newest x.org cvs and MergedFB, i'll put
> my config on a webserver). the dvi port is working because the ddc module is
> able to read the data from the monitor. if i have it connected to both dvi and
> vga, it even reads the data two times.
> i started looking at the source of the radeon driver but got a bit lost :) is
> it supposed to work? if not maybe somebody could give me a hint what to look at.

The improved crtc handling in ati's latest code drop may help in this
situation.  Also when using a DVI port, I think crtc1actually drives
the DVI port and crtc2 drives the LCD.  you might want to try:
Option MonitorLayout "TMDS, LVDS" 
however, I'm not sure the crtc code in cvs can properly handle output
swaps at the moment.

> the complete xserver log and the config are at
> http://honeybunny.inf.ethz.ch/~justus/tmp/xorg/Xorg.0.log
> (yes DRI isn't working at the moment, but i don't worry about that at the
> moment) and
> http://honeybunny.inf.ethz.ch/~justus/tmp/xorg/Xorg.conf
> a second problem i would like to solve is, that because of the bigger virtual
> desktop size the notebook lcd is "scrolling with mouse movement" (i think you
> know what i mean). i'd like to fix its position (like it is possible when using
> xinerama).

I suspect the mergedfb support in cvs may be somewhat broken. 
Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to test and fix it yet.  this
also may be related to the reversed crtc mappings I mentioned above.


> thx for any hints
> ciao
>   -justus
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