[Xorg] radeon mobility 9000 M9 + dvi out

justus schwartz justus at gmx.li
Tue Jul 13 01:00:43 PDT 2004


i spend the last day trying to get the dvi connector of my radon working. the
dvi out is on the port replicator for my ibm t40p notebook which has also an
analog vga out.

connecting the monitor to the analog vga works fine, but connecting to the dvi
out doesn't work (i am trying with the newest x.org cvs and MergedFB, i'll put
my config on a webserver). the dvi port is working because the ddc module is
able to read the data from the monitor. if i have it connected to both dvi and
vga, it even reads the data two times.

i started looking at the source of the radeon driver but got a bit lost :) is
it supposed to work? if not maybe somebody could give me a hint what to look at.

the complete xserver log and the config are at


(yes DRI isn't working at the moment, but i don't worry about that at the
moment) and 


a second problem i would like to solve is, that because of the bigger virtual
desktop size the notebook lcd is "scrolling with mouse movement" (i think you
know what i mean). i'd like to fix its position (like it is possible when using

thx for any hints

int m,o,O=0;float l,I,_;main(){for(;1840-O;putchar((++O>907&&936>O?61-m:o)

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