state of testsuite - next question

Aaron Plattner aplattner at
Thu Dec 15 09:02:58 PST 2011

On 12/15/2011 04:43 AM, "Nicolas Hüppelshäuser" <nh at>" wrote:
> Hi!
> Meanwhile I have been able to set up a script to run the xts5 testsuite
> (git repository revision sha id
> 141d7e20c914dc3dcd6fa10cd22c7fab2879a1a9) without the dependencies on
> TETware, perl and bash (needed since I am testing on embedded system).
> I observe that often the tests Xlib3-XConnectionNumber and
> Xlib3-XConnectionNumber_m seem to hang.  Either that, or these are quiet
> time-consuming tests (>=5 minutes?).  Same on Xorg built for an arm
> architecture as with Xvfb built for x64 linux host.

This sounds like a bug in libxcb that Jamey Sharp,  Peter Hutterer, and I fixed last year:

Is your libxcb new enough to contain that commit?

> Another issue I have is a reproducible crash of Xvfb due to
> Xlib13-XAllowEvent, step 20.  I call Xvfb this way on the x64 linux host
> system (ubuntu 11.10, xvfb package version 2:1.10.4-1ubuntu4.2):
> $ Xvfb -screen 0 640x480x24 -screen 1 640x480x8 -extension Composite -ac :1
> Can you confirm these observations?

Works for me using an X server built from commit f7ea7a324520844beaac8be7503ac50e20da5ab1 on amd64.

> The crash is surely a bug in Xvfb, but what about the
> XConnectionNumber-Tests?
> Nicolas

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