[Xorg-driver-geode] Koolu WeAppliance Status...

Brian Code brian.code at workseverywhere.com
Wed Apr 9 12:38:35 PDT 2008

To All,

I guess I'm last to the party, but would like to give an update to the
status of the AMD/Geode drivers on the WeAppliance (aka FIC ION 603).

A quick introduction to the WeAppliance:
-Currently running a (fairly broken) Award BIOS 6.0PG (ADA04 and ADA06
revisions are available). I won't get into the details in a public
-There is something not quite right with DDC detection. I'm in the
process of installing the Apr. 9th Ubuntu build to test the latest Xorg
and drivers.
-The same box running an Insyde BIOS does better DDC detection, pointing
towards issues with the Award BIOS.
-I have binary dumps of both an Insyde BIOS and a few Award BIOSes.

I'll report my findings with the device as well as a DTRI 168 running an
Insyde BIOS.

For those of you with questions about the Koolu WeAppliance, please do
not hesitate to contact me. I'll try to be less of a sleeper cell moving

Brian Code

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