[PATCH xf86-video-amdgpu 5/6] Move DRI2's local fixup_glamor helper to amdgpu_glamor_set_pixmap_bo

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Mon Jun 13 10:03:28 UTC 2016

On 12.06.2016 18:57, Yu, Qiang wrote:
> *From:* Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net>
>> +       /* And redirect the pixmap to the new bo (for 3D). */
>> +       glamor_egl_exchange_buffers(old, pixmap);
>> +       amdgpu_set_pixmap_private(old, priv);
> this set the old pixmap with new priv, but the old priv is not freed.

Good catch, thanks! This is actually a pre-existing leak; I'll send
another series fixing this and other related leaks later.

>> +       old->refcnt++;
> Why increase the refcnt of the old pixmap?

Another good catch, thanks. Fixed in v2 of patch 5.

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