Q: 'MacModel' replacement for radeon driver?

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at arcor.de
Sat Jan 5 03:31:11 PST 2013

Hi Alex:

Am 03.01.13 20:36 schrieb(en) Alex Deucher:
> hmmm... everything else looks pretty good.  Try the attached patch.

This doesn't change the situation.

> Maybe the pll isn't quite right.  You might try diffing the 2 reg dumps you sent me originally and using them as a guide to identify which registers are problematic.  Boot up to the broken state and then use radeonreg to set the registers to the values from the working dump.  e.g.,
> radeonreg regset 0x00000250 0x009f0013
> Some of the registers are related the memory configuration of each driver so try the following registers:
> 00000050 03000600
> 00000054 00008048
> 00000058 ff002102
> 00000204 008c051b
> 00000250 009f0013
> 00000254 03ff0026
> 00000278 009f03ff
> 0000027c 00000030
> 00000284 000300cd
> 000002c4 008c001e
> 000002c8 00860004
> 000002f0 20007c7c
> 000003f8 02000200
> 0000088c 07880100
> 00000d04 00000806

I set all these regs, one by one, to the values from the working fbdev configuration of kernel 3.6.5, and double-checked with 'radeonreg regs radeon' that they actually have these values.  However, the situation doesn't change, i.e. these is still no output on the connector.

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