rv630 + dri on = massive corruption

Jesús Guerrero i92guboj at terra.es
Thu Sep 10 17:33:39 PDT 2009

On Fri, 11 Sep 2009 03:26:03 +0300, Pauli Nieminen <suokkos at gmail.com>
> 2009/9/11 Jesús Guerrero <i92guboj at terra.es>
>> So, is agp going unsupported nowadays or is this a bug I should
>> report?
> AGP is not unsupported but it is problematic. I'm trying to solve the
> problem but trial-and-error style testing didn't solve all the problems
> I'm now trying to write a simple test case to exploit the agp transfer
> problems and fix them.

Well, if there's some tests I can run, some info I can provide,
whatever, just let me know. I am not scared of anything, though
the time I can devote is limited.

Jesús Guerrero

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