[Bug 16781] Lockup when starting with second screen attached

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Thu Oct 30 06:21:44 PDT 2008


--- Comment #6 from Friedrich Gräter <graeter at hydrixos.org>  2008-10-30 06:21:42 PST ---
Okay, I did some further investigations by myself. 

It seems to be a bug in the AtomBIOS code, that will be executed when
unblanking the screen. It could be also a bug in the interpreter.

I put some trace-code into the AtomBIOS byte code interpreter which tells me,
what the AtomBIOS is doing.

I found out, that it hangs in an endless loop, executing the following

0xEE9335BC Op-Code 0x4A | Test 0x9, AtiReg(0x1827+0x200)
0xEE9335C1 Op-Code 0x44 | Jump [Equal]

These two instructions are executed in the endless loop.

The Value of AtiReg(0x1827+0x200) = 0x2.

I try to figure out now whether it is a bug of the firmware or a bug in the
processing of the jump-instruction by ProcessJump.

(It's a little bit time-intensive, because I've to reboot my computer during
each test)

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