[Bug 16781] Lockup when starting with second screen attached

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Thu Oct 30 07:30:11 PDT 2008


--- Comment #7 from Friedrich Gräter <graeter at hydrixos.org>  2008-10-30 07:30:11 PST ---
Okay, for me, it looks like to be an issue with the AtomBIOS. The faulty code

0xEE9335BC Op-Code 0x4A | Test 0x9, AtiReg(0x1827+0x200)
0xEE9335C1 Op-Code 0x44 | Jump [Equal] EE9335BC

Where as "AtiReg(0x1827+0x200) = 0x2". 

As long as "TEST" has the same semantics as on x86, the problem is that

0x9 & 0x2 = 0 => Equal 

And as a consequence the jump will run into the endless loop. Perhaps the code
of AtomBIOS reads from the wrong register or some steps of the initialization
are wrong?

It is strange that the same code works if Xorg has already started completely.

I have a lot of similar problems with my Mobility x1400. The system sometimes
freezes partially (the mouse pointer is moveable and ssh is still working) or
completely. Esp. when resuming from disk or ram, sometimes the system hangs in
a similar way (I had another bug report on this).

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