[Bug 16781] Lockup when starting with second screen attached

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Thu Oct 30 04:20:42 PDT 2008


--- Comment #5 from Friedrich Gräter <graeter at hydrixos.org>  2008-10-30 04:20:40 PST ---
Okay, today I took some look inside the drivers source code and tried to debug
it. Unfortunately I have no other machine to use SSH and GDB, so I tried to
debug it by xf86DrvMsg() statements. (I know, it is a ugly way to do that...)

And I think I found the place where the driver crashes:

Call trace:

req_func => rhdAtomExec

In ParseTable (Decoder.c, line 223, latest git) there is the following loop:

if (!CD_ERROR(ParserTempData.Status))
ParserTempData.Status = CD_SUCCESS;                             

} // while

} // if

The program executes the loop one time and leaves it, because the condition is
false. However I extended the loop by the following tracing code:

if (!CD_ERROR(ParserTempData.Status))
xf86DrvMsg(0, X_ERROR, "[E5-1]\n");
ParserTempData.Status = CD_SUCCESS;                             

 xf86DrvMsg(0, X_ERROR, "[E5-1-2]\n");
 xf86DrvMsg(0, X_ERROR, "[E5-1-2 %i > %i]\n", ParserTempData.Status,

} // while
xf86DrvMsg(0, X_ERROR, "[E5-1-3]\n");
} // if

The last output of the X-Server to Xorg.0.log is "E5-1-2 0 > 0". The output
"E5-1-3" never appears on the log file. It looks like that the program never
leaves the queue and the X-Server got stuck in some kind of an endless loop.

This explains why I can still shutdown the system by CTRL+ALT+DEL, but have no
other access to the terminal.

I just don't know enough about AtomBIOS to fix the bug by myself. Could you
give me some hints, where I can do some further investigations?

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