[Bug 10418] Powerbook DVI out only works when booted with monitor attached

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Tue Mar 27 23:26:57 PDT 2007


------- Comment #8 from benh at kernel.crashing.org  2007-03-27 22:26 PST -------
Some powerbooks do indeed (not all though and I don't know for sure how to
detect... I suppose the best thing is to try to probe for the encoder on i2c).

The machine I have here always initializes the encoder though, wether a monitor
is plugged or not. However, the encoder "state" is lost on sleep/wakeup.

I have started to hack something in radeonfb to save/restore the encoder state
on sleep/resume but it's part of some major radeonfb work that is very
unfinished and isn't quite working yet.

Another option would be to write a little program that uses the linux userland
i2c APIs to access the radeon i2c busses (they are exposed, iirc, the encoder
is on the "monid" bus). The encoder is a SiL164 or compatible. Just dumps it's
registers when it's been setup by the firmware and then write a program to
reconfigure it..

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