[Bug 10418] Powerbook DVI out only works when booted with monitor attached

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Wed Mar 28 05:51:15 PDT 2007


------- Comment #9 from sjoerd at luon.net  2007-03-28 04:51 PST -------
I wrote a small quick program to access the i2c bus and dump the registers.
Unfortunately i could only access the i2c bus after a suspend(?). If it try
i get EREMOTEIO when doing the I2C_SLAVE ioctl...

Anyway after some tinkering (based on the sil164 supprt in the intell driver),
i can enable the dvi output but it's not quite right yet.. It's got a slight
greenish haze and some other artifacts also the monitor reports it's using
1598x1200 instead of 
1600x1200 which is what X should be sending it.. 

Seems quite close though.. I'll probably try later this week to see if i can
get the radeon i2c support to let me read the registers before suspend and thus
know what the working setting should be :)

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