glamor regressions with radeonsi (Re: xserver: Branch 'master' - 15 commits)

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Apr 7 11:27:09 PDT 2014

Michel Dänzer <michel at> writes:

> Test case:
>      1. Start 'naked' Xorg with an xterm: xinit =xterm -- :1 -retro &
>      2. Start xfwm4: DISPLAY=:1 xfwm4 &
>      3. Maximize and unmaximize xterm window
> There are at least two regressions introduced by the latest glamor
> series:

Can you try running Xephyr -glamor to see if that works? That would let
us know if it's a problem interacting with the 2D driver or a problem in
how glamor is using GL.

keith.packard at
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