new xserver 1.13 stable branch maintainer

Matt Dew marcoz at
Wed Sep 26 09:34:01 PDT 2012

On 09/26/2012 03:13 AM, Peter Hutterer wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 02:53:06PM +0200, Matt Dew wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>    I've volunteered to drink from the fire hose and help out/take on
>> xserver stable branch maintainer responsibilities from Jeremy for
>> server 1.13.
>> I've mainly done documentation and EVoC so this is new to me and
>> somewhat outside my comfort zone.   I'll do my best but please have
>> patience. Upfront: I'm gonna miss some stuff, make some mistakes and
>> will be asking a lot of, some probably really stupid,  questions and
>> probably not ask questions I don't know to ask.    Jeremy, Keith,
>> Peter, Alan  heads up.
>> The current schedule is listed at:
>> Peter, Jeremy,  what else should I have said?
> looks good, and thank you for stepping up to do this. I've written up a
> small wiki page with the few things that need to be done and known by the
> stable branch maintainer. let me know if there's anything missing and I'll
> add it, feel free to reword this for bits I skipped.
> Especially as you go along, adding and extending a FAQ section would likely
> be helpful to future branch maintainers (unless you've signed up for life ;)
> You should now also have write access to the Xorg google calendar,
> please put the proposed dates for the 1.13.x RCs and releases in there.
> Finally, your branch page is here:
> I just copied this from the 1.12 branch page so here too feel free to modify
> it as you see fit.

Thanks Peter.

I'll get the dates added after I get back from vacation if that's ok. 
Early next week.  I'm trying to spend as little time on the computer on 
vacation as possible. ;)


> Cheers,
>     Peter

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