[PATCH 1/5] build: use AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR as per libtoolize warning

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at medozas.de
Sun Nov 28 12:26:59 PST 2010

On Sunday 2010-11-28 19:45, Gaetan Nadon wrote:

>On Sun, 2010-11-28 at 15:46 +0100, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>      +ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4
>This will fail if m4 does not exist at clone time.
>It won't because there is a .gotognore file in there.
>However, it will be suggested later to use the same
>toplevel .gitignore file that is used in all other 240 xorg modules.

Then perhaps you need to update the master xorg .gitignore, because the 
suggestion to use ACLOACL_AMFLAGS will appear on any project with a 
libtool library.

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