framebuffer or pci devices

Christoph Rissner c.r at
Thu Nov 11 00:23:58 PST 2010

Hi again,

On 11/10/2010 06:45 PM, Christoph Rissner wrote:
> Unfortunately, in xorg 1.9.2, X crashes with the displaylink/nvidia
> driver combination, as well as fbdev+nvidia if I disable this check in
> xf86PostProbe(). So I guess there is a point in not allowing devices of
> both types, but what is it?

to be precise:
X starts just fine in both cases, and for example an initial xterm pops 
up, in this case (fvwm) waiting to be placed somewhere on the desktop.
Once its done (and xterm is actually drawn) and I try to move this 
window, X crashes.

I've attached the log (using fbdev+nvidia, disabled the check in

Thanks for any hints,
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